Kickstart your new career journey from the campus communities

  • Learn: Students can develop their abilities and learn new skills by getting involved on campus.
  • Grow: Students can grow personally and professionally with the support of campus communities.
  • Prepare: By participating in a campus community, students can prepare for their future careers and gain valuable experience.
  • Build: Campus communities give students the chance to network with peers and professionals in the field as well as build connections with them.
  • Engage: Students can actively engage with their peers and the larger community by becoming a part of the campus community, which promotes a culture of learning and development.


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TinkerHub has been one of the active clubs in our college where I could learn for free with added benefits like community learning. I always felt it more like a platform where similar minded people gathered together to share and gain knowledge . Programs like JustTink in CET has given me an opportunity to learn with my peers and inculcate a sense of team work. Elevate, a program to empower Women In Tech through a project based on Python is helping many of us expand our horizon and code with confidence. Since many of the sessions are handled by our seniors and peers, I found it easy to connect , share my ideas and doubts. TinkerHub has surely been my space to learn and grow.

Riya Sabu


The impact of having Tinkerhub campus community was actually great and it promoted learning in an actual interesting way. The learning sessions were friendly because of the connection we had with the mentors. As a campus lead I had a great experience in connecting with many other campus communities. The campus lead meet-up held by Tinkerhub organization at kochi was the best experience in my opinion. To sum up, the opportunities made available by Tinkerhub were in fact enormous and would love to have it continued so that the benefits keep reaching everyone.


Campus lead GECW

TInkerHub is one of the best clubs in our. I find that it is one of the most active and at the same time the most productive group. Ever since I attended the first orientation session, I understood that this an active community of enthusiastic individuals who support each other in becoming better professionals. TinkerHub has conducted several programs that has helped many of us improve our skills as developers as well as find like-minded individuals who can help each other with their knowledge. All the numerous workshops and programs like JustTink helps students get acquainted with different stacks and skills, get more exposure and build a learning community to check each other's progress. TinkerHub is a community where no matter the problem you are working on, you'll always find help in solving it.



I vividly remember attending a session on Introduction to ML in 2019 by TinkerhubCET and staying back after the session only to meet and talk with the speaker and other attendees to ask random questions. I am really lucky that I got to be the campus lead of Tinkerhub CET and when I look back, Tinkerhub has been about staying back after events, only to connect with people, share ideas, initiate events, plan trips to meetups and this journey has been something I am still grateful to be a part of. Getting multiple internships, landing a decent placement, and getting various opportunities on campus all can be traced back to Tinkerhub. Tinkerhub leaves me with two important words in my life, Curiosity, and Opportunities.

Nanda Kishor M Pai

Campus lead CET

Community-based peer-to-peer learning culture has made a huge impact on how students learn new skills and has also redefined the teaching-learning process. Starting a TinkerHub campus community in our college gives life to many young minds to kickstart their tech life and also paves a way to give back their skills to the community.


Founding campus lead FC Kozhikode

I was a student in a private college, unaware of the opportunities around me and started a campus community with 3 to 5 members. We started learning, creating projects, and attending events in small scale. After 6 months seven students mostly first years got paid intern internships in reputed companies. As of now we conducted 50+ learning events. Campus communites aslo helped to take away the barrier between private and government colleges.

Muhammed Iqbal P B

Founding Campus lead KMEA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tinkerhub campus initiative and how does it work?

The Tinkerhub campus initiative is a program that provides support and opportunities for students at colleges and universities. It involves starting tech communities on campuses that provide students with access to resources, activities, and support to help them grow and succeed in their careers.

What are the benefits of joining a Tinkerhub campus community?

The benefits of joining a Tinkerhub campus community include the opportunity to learn new skills, grow and develop as an individual, prepare for your future career, build connections with the industry and other professionals, and engage in peer-to-peer learning and networking.

How can students get involved with the Tinkerhub campus initiative at their college?

Students can get involved with the Tinkerhub campus initiative at their college by visiting the Tinkerhub website and finding a tech community at their school. They can then contact the community leader or attend a community event to learn more and join.

What are some examples of success stories from students who have participated in the Tinkerhub campus initiative?

Some examples of success stories from students who have participated in the Tinkerhub campus initiative include students who have learned new skills, gained valuable experience, built connections with the industry, and landed internships or jobs as a result of their involvement in the program.

How to start a TinkerHub Campus Community on your campus?

You shouldn’t be alone on this mission! Find a team of like-minded pals who are interested to create a community in your college.

  • Be absolutely sure that your teammates will be able to invest time on your Tinkerhub campus community.

  • Structure your team. Even though everyone would be working together, it’s great to have people with diverse skills, so that every need can be managed by the team with minimal help from outside.

  • We recommend avoiding hierarchy. This is a community and not a company. At Tinkerhub, your seniority and your department don’t matter. If you’re excited about building a community, that’s most important.

Create a virtual space for your community to meet. For a large community, meeting online is easier. And don’t use it just for meetings and discussions; you can also share learning resources, opportunities, tech news. Make use of the platform to have engaging discussions about tech. We still haven’t decided whether iOS is better than Android! And the best part is, if you’re facing a roadblock in your development process, you can get advice and opinions. Choose any suitable platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord or Slack.

All this hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Make sure that all the events of your community reach everyone in your campus.

What are the activities of Tinkerhub Campus Community?

Anything that helps the students to achieve new skills. We will provide a tentative yearly plan to every club so that they can focus on the right things — however, this plan can be (should be) challenged by the members of the club and make it better and suitable for them. We will stick to our values when we select the topics/projects.

If you are looking for self-learning, collaborative learning and contribution to your team’s learning, this is what it’ll look like: workshops, bootcamps, weekly/bi-weekly meet-ups, hosting conference - in short, from Augmented Reality workshops to how to create a LinkedIn profile — all with a pinch of fun. We also hone talent to compete in international technical contests, hackathons and challenges.

What has Tinkerhub achieved over the years?

Tinkerhub has been actively working towards its dream of making a different kind of tech community for the students, and we have managed to -

  • Build a tech ecosystem within the state, which is more focused on upskilling and peer-learning.

  • Start tech communities in colleges that didn’t have much exposure before. It was tremendously useful for the students of these colleges; they were getting newer and better opportunities

  • Bring about gender equality within the tech community with our Women in Tech initiatives. We’ve been able to bring women forward in a field that still continues to be male-dominated. Women play important roles in Tinkerhub

  • part from peer learning, we’ve developed resources and learning paths to help students learn on their own. We’ve enabled cross-community communication, so that the learning experience doesn’t stop at Tinkerhub.

How to join the Tinkerhub Campus Community in your college?

The Tinkerhub Campus Community at your college can be the place that you can look, if you want to learn about the latest technical skills. Join Tinkerhub at Welcome To TinkerHub. Welcome aboard!